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Why Cloud Computing Works for Your Business

By Admin / Published on Friday, 30 Jun 2017 02:58 AM / Comments Off on Why Cloud Computing Works for Your Business / 801 views

Man Interacting with a Cloud Service Application

Industries are moving to “the cloud.” The technology is changing the way companies run their organizations and improving the way they serve their customers. The platform can help you save money and enhance efficiency for your processes. It is the sensible decision whether you’re a startup or an established brand.

A Quick Guide

QWERTY Concepts, Inc. shares that cloud computing pertains to the main processing and storage of an organization’s systems information, which does not take place on the company’s site. Instead, it runs in a remote location. You can access it through the Internet, across dedicated networks.

Each network of server runs a specific function and uses computing power to provide applications (e.g. word processing, data storage, etc.) to meet your needs.

Reaping the Cloud’s Potential to Help Businesses

In 2016 alone, private cloud adoption has grown from 63 percent to 77 percent. This goes to show that businesses are rapidly integrating cloud into their operations.

Here’s what your business can gain from moving to the cloud.

1. More savings – Since you don’t need to install the applications in your physical hard drives, your business will significantly reduce demand for space, power usage, IT requirements, and other relevant factors.

Also, most businesses that offer cloud services provide a subscription model, allowing companies like yours to only spend what you use.

2. Increased collaboration – Cross-country meetings and tasks completion are easy through the cloud. You and your employees can create, save, and access files in a secure location online. You can also restrict permissions so that only the people you select can view certain files.

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3. Greater mobility – You can work away from your desktop, and be more productive using a smartphone or a tablet.

Setting up for the Cloud

With advances in technology, the increasingly popular cloud will only get better with security and management. It’s a platform that offers limitless opportunities for your business. But before migrating your data, make sure to partner with the right service.