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Why Gaming Machines Aren’t Dead

By Admin / Published on Friday, 06 May 2016 09:24 AM / Comments Off on Why Gaming Machines Aren’t Dead / 980 views

Gaming Machines Your smartphone has everything. Do you agree? And, it’s causing the death of a number of industries. Newspapers are becoming obsolete, as the publications shift from print to digital-for-mobile. Movie downloads over the phone are making your TV set irrelevant. And, as smartphones garner huge shares in the tech market, game makers are also switching from consoles to the small touchscreens.

But, while this is the case, arcades are still around, and people still spare some coins for gaming machines. is proof that they’re still here. How have gaming machines stayed alive after all these years?

The Industry

You probably have gone to casinos a couple of times, and you know that sitting in front of a slot machine takes up hours of your stay in the place. It’s old-school, but gaming machines still make a thriving industry. According to a recent market research, it has revenue of more than $380 million in Australia. At present, there are more than 100 businesses operating gaming machines in the country.

Furthermore, the industry still has a positive annual growth rate of 0.6%. This proves that it is staying alive, and earning, after all these years.

Gaming Machines as a Legitimate Business

In the country, business owners can secure licenses and machine entitlements to operate gaming machines in their establishments. Cashless and electronic gaming systems are popular in many states, and are considered legitimate. Thus, the machines continue to be a source of entertainment and a form of recreation for those who frequent clubs, pubs and casinos.

Las Vegas had the most number of gaming machines in the world. In 2014, New South Wales ranked second to the city.

Thriving, After All These Years

These figures are proof that the gaming machine industry is far from dead, because operators are still in business, and they’re engaged in a legitimate one. The machines’ appeal lies in the novelty of the slots, of the coins, not to mention the prizes. Whether they involve a sum or not, you enjoy spending your time, and spare change, on them. And, you won’t stop till you win. That’s enough to keep them alive.