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Why Satellite Internet Makes More Sense for Singapore’s E-Commerce

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 18 Jul 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Why Satellite Internet Makes More Sense for Singapore’s E-Commerce / 208 views

Man installing satellite dishIt makes more sense for retail businesses in Singapore to invest in global satellite Internet services to maintain the country’s status as an e-commerce hub.

Stable connections will be important to support the industry’s continued growth. By 2025, its market value would reach $7.5 billion at a growth rate of 11% per year. This would be five times more than the market value in 2016.

Growth Factors

A high literacy rate in the Garden City means that most people are adept with using technology. More than 80% of Singaporeans browse the Internet every day, and a large part of the time spent likely includes shopping for items online.

Payment options are no longer restricted to credit cards since technology allowed retailers to accept other forms of electronic payments. Those who are between 25 and 54 years old have taken advantage of this option by shopping after working hours. If your business is often offline, there’s a good chance of losing to competitors. This wouldn’t happen with satellite Internet connectivity.

Satellite Benefits

Satellite Internet provides 24/7 online access because of its signal being free from natural and man-made barriers. Users are less likely to experience spotty connection since it goes beyond these obstacles. Slower speeds due to multiple connected devices aren’t a problem with satellite Internet, while installation only requires a satellite dish placed on a high point.

Another reason to consider this option involves more Singaporeans doing their consumer research online. More than 60% browse the Internet to learn more about a product. Having faulty connections prevent you from keeping track of what your target customers look for when they are online.

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As online retail continues to grow in Singapore, e-commerce businesses need to consider all options to make sure they remain relevant for consumers. What’s your strategy for staying connected with your customers?