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Wire finders – Tools to Help Avoid Electrical Injuries

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Wire finders – Tools to Help Avoid Electrical Injuries / 842 views

Electrical Failure in Power OutletAvoiding electrical accidents is quite simple – use available tools like the electrical wire finder to help in locating the wires. There are instances in which wires are run alongside studs which are essential for dry walls.

Tips on avoiding live wires:

• One important tip is to turn off the circuit breaker to avoid injury. There may be instances when a homeowner does not know if turning the breaker off will help. If the right and grounded tools are used during drilling, then the wiring may be damaged. The fact also remains that there is a slim chance that people will hit live wires during drilling.

• There are stud finder sensors available on the market which have a built-in sensor which can detect electricity and indicate it.  Make sure to get the right stud finder and read the directions before using it.

• The other option is to use common sense and not drill close to areas where there are outlets. Live wires are usually laid in the shortest path, from the ceiling. To avoid injury, find spots away from obvious electrical outlets and stay safe.

• Using short nails or screws is another smart way to avoid injuries. Most modern houses have safeguards built in, especially where it concerns electrical wiring. Checking before drilling will prevent accidents.

• In the case of doubt, hire a professional to do the job. They are more aware of what to do and can do the job safely and efficiently.

If you are working in an old house, be aware that you could encounter reverse polarity. Checking all outlets using receptacle testers would help immensely. If you have any major remodeling or other work in mind, hire an electrician to come and check the wiring and run tests, and then you can commence work on the project.

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