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Work Concerns: Finding Out Why Employees Stay or Go

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Work Concerns: Finding Out Why Employees Stay or Go / 1090 views

Employee RetentionKeeping employees takes more than simply giving them a good pay, but that’s certainly one of the major reasons they will stay. Employee retention is an important factor in any business, as it shows how your workforce is satisfied and motivated with their job. There are different reasons people stay (or leave) their job, and here are some of them:


The way you treat your people will have a bigger effect on whether they stay or start looking for new employment somewhere else soon. Most people are sensitive when it comes to respect. You may be the owner or manager of a company, but if you don’t treat your employees with respect, they will find it difficult to stay without being miserable.


People want to feel safe all the time, whether they’re at home with their family, driving on a highway, or working. The feeling of safety adds to their security that they can work for you for a long time. This is why workers at a factory are given personal protective equipment (PPE) and other equipment. For example, noted that wet dust collectors best used in wood and metalworking.


If an employee feels that they are not paid enough to do their job, they will look for a company that will give them what they feel they deserve. Their salaries don’t have to be the highest in the industry, but they have to be competitive.


In many instances, salaries take a backseat to good benefits. This is not often the case, but many employees would rather have an average salary with a good retirement and benefits package than receive a higher salary every month but with less-than-average or no benefits or retirement plan at all.

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Skill improvement scores high when it comes to reasons for younger employees to stay with a company. Many employees would rather call it quits than be expected to work on something they do not understand or do not have the skills for.

These are only some of the reasons people would stay employed by your company or leave at the first sign of a better opportunity. There are many more: mastering these things and doing your best to provide your employees a fair, safe, and healthy working environment will go a long way in retaining good workers.